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CD & DVD Duplication, Pad Printing Services

We specialize in CD, DVD, & USB Flash drive production
We are happy to help with both large and short runs, and we strive to help you through the entire process to make it as easy and painless for you as possible.

Aside from duplication, we can help with custom printing of all your CD or DVD packaging needs, outer box packaging, assembly of your product, and fulfillment.

We now also offer pad printing
With the recent addition of our automated two color pad printer, we can print directly on to the surface of your product. Sample objects we can print include flash drives, pens, lighters, golf balls, toys, tools, or any custom produced plastic injection molded object. We use only high quality medical grade eco-friendly inks so everything we print is compliant for use in food or beverage products, medical products, pet products, cosmetics, etc.

Additionally we can print on silicone products such as wrist bands, cooking utensils, etc. The silicone pad printing process differs a bit from traditional inks, so we offer a limited range of colors to choose from. Drop us a line if you have a silicone product that can use some ink!

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